Have you ever?

Have you Ever?

Have you ever noticed how in one moment something can change, just like that? Have you ever thought, wow if that car I was following wasn’t driving so slow I surely would have gotten a ticket because there was a cop just around the corner? It can’t be just me, can it?

Or have you ever arrived home after a very long, aggravating day just in time to receive a letter from a loved one?  Some people must still send them, right?

Have you ever been out when a flash of lightning turns a fun picnic into panic?  But soon, the clouds part to reveal a rainbow.

My recent moment was this past Sunday night.  I finally uploaded my first blog post! My husband innocently asked me, “What will your second post be about next week?”  What?! Second post-AAAHHHH! I ran to my laptop to search for “okay smarty pants you wrote your first blog post, now what……”

Then there were a string of more serious moments 13 years ago.

A routine five-day hospital stay turned into 14 days.  Soon followed by 14 more in a rehab hospital-no, not the Lindsay Lohan rehab, a physical rehab hospital.  One minute I was wearing my favorite sweater with this great long black skirt and these really chic black boots-I got such a great deal on those boots-but I digress.  I came home, unzipped those stylish black boots I got for a song, and my left leg inflated like a balloon.

Okay I thought, that was soooo not normal-quite an accurate clinical diagnosis if I do say so myself. But, just to be sure I looked up the symptoms in my medical book-yes I have one-OCD research is not a new trait for me.  The symptoms I had matched the ones listed for a blood clot.  Within an hour my husband and I found ourselves basking in the romantic ambiance of our local hospital’s emergency room. Oh, I should probably mention it also happened to be Valentines’ day. Yup, it was.  Can you hear the violins amidst the code calls?

I want to go back 69 years to another moment, albeit, not mine, but it affected me nonetheless. A 12-year-old girl in Hiroshima is outside laughing with her friend.  It had been raining for the past few days, so to be outside beneath the blazing sun of a clear, blue August sky was a welcomed change.  A bright flash…a loud popping noise… darkness.  Once the dust, fire storms, and ash cleared a 12-year-old girl’s life was turned upside down, shaping the person she would become. She faced enormous loss and change.  Yet, she is someone who never lost the ability to love.  She is a brave woman and I admire her with all my heart. She is my mother. That horrific instant in her life led her on the path to eventually marrying my dad, becoming a U.S. citizen, and giving birth to me.

In my manuscript, THE LAST CHERRY BLOSSOM, a character states, “Cherry blossoms are like life itself—so beautiful, yet so fragile that they bloom only a short time.”  Moments (unexpected-the good and the bad) we all have them.  I believe that these moments lead to the memories that our heart carries for a lifetime. Moments strung together make us who we are.

Have you ever?  Please share your moments below.


21 thoughts on “Have you ever?

  1. Another great post, Kathy! I have actually had many such moments. The earliest I remember was when my family moved, and I had to leave the only two friends I had ever known. Shortly after we moved to our new home, we were in the front yard, and the man across the street came over with his daughter who was about my age. I was painfully shy, but when they invited me to their house, I went, and we played in the yard all day. 🙂 That moment changed my life forever. We became so inseparable, that people thought we were sisters. Our lives turned out very different than what we planned while growing up, but one thing that did go as planned is that we have remained the best of friends. She has shared in the best…and worst…times in my life. I wouldn’t change that moment for anything in the world.


    • I am having a hard time seeing my laptop screen because my eyes are blurry from my tears. That moment changed my life as well and I am so glad that shy girl moved across the street. My life could not be complete without knowing you. You filled my childhood with many, many wonderful moments and our friendship/sisterhood now as adults is a Blessing to me! 🙂 Thank you.

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    • Donna, thank you for visiting and your compliment. Knowing that I don’t walk alone is sometimes the only thing that will get me through the sorrowful surprises and it makes the joyful ones that much better doesn’t it? 🙂


  2. Vicky says:

    Hey Kathy,
    I think this is so awesome you are doing this. I have so enjoyed reading your posts.I will proudly buy your book and I’d love a signed copy once it comes out. I am so proud to know you ( as a naughty) then and now-LOL :).


  3. It’s good to “meet” you, Kathleen. You’re mother’s story sounds fascinating! I teach English in a small Christian high school & I know my students would read your book. I belong to a writing group called My Book Therapy. Have you ever heard of it? You might be interested. So glad I stopped in from Coffee for Your Heart. Blessings!


    • Renee, thank you for your visit! I will keep you posted once we secure a publisher. I am looking forward to checking out My Book Therapy. Meeting new friends and a cup of coffee-true Blessings!


  4. Joan Y. Edwards says:

    Dear Kathleen,
    I hope your book gets published soon. You are a beautiful Cherry Blossom. Sharing your beauty with us. Thank you.



  5. Kathy,

    You keep us thinking. I have one memory that stands out for me. I was job hunting. Doors kept closing. Not too long afterwards, I learned my husband’s health was in sharp decline. I suddenly understood why work was not to be a priority. Thank goodness, he later found a rainbow. What a blessing!


  6. Nice second post–see you can do it! I don’t know your religious beliefs, but there is a lot in the Bible about our trials making us stronger. I’ve been through several and know that the end result is I’m a stronger Christian as a result.


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