November To-Do List

Almost every magazine at this time of year writes about: the count down to the holidays (cue theme from PSYCHO), the best way to cook a turkey (have someone else do it), and checklists to prepare yourself because you can’t possibly be prepared without reading why you need to worry because you aren’t prepared. Magazine covers like this aimed to put us in a tizzy for those few minutes we stand in the check-out line.

Well, I have written before that I love my to-do lists. So, I thought I would share with you my November To-do list:

-Wake up (remember you always want something easy to accomplish to get the day rolling)

-Try to smile through the pain

-Continue navigating my parents’ medical issues and care

-Come to terms that my baby just turned 18

-Stop saying 17 +1 because I can’t bring myself to say my baby just turned 18

-Do a happy jig–Well ok, not a jig-pain makes that impossible, plus I am not really sure what a jig is- but I can shout WOOOOHOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

drumTHE LAST CHERRY BLOSSOM, my MG historical fiction novel, will be published by Skyhorse Publishing, NYC.

So in late summer/early fall of 2015, THE LAST CHERRY BLOSSOM will be coming to a bookstore near you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-Shout WOOOOHOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Again

-Pray in thanksgiving for this wonderful Blessing!!!!!!!

Just at the time when I am smack dab in the middle of my chaos and feeling a sense of overwhelming inadequacy, God reminds me he had a plan all along and I need to stop getting in HIS way.

Isn’t it wonderful and humbling how that works sometimes?

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25 thoughts on “November To-Do List

  1. Well done Kathleen! That’s a wonderful achievement, especially with all you go through with your health. I’m so pleased for you, and I’m adding your name to my list of authors, artists and poets I’m promoting in my next post.

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    • Carole, thank you so much for your kind words! I think I am still floating from the excitement of it all. It is keeping me going through my pain and caring for my parents. I am so honored that you are adding me to your list! Thank you again for being so supportive 🙂


  2. Congratulations on your book being published! That is amazing!! What a huge accomplishment to smile AND write through the pain. I will be sure to buy a copy when it comes out 🙂


  3. mttaimee says:

    Just so you are prepared, I will be sending you my address so that you can mail my autographed copy for Christmas NEXT year! Have I mentioned how excited I am for you??? I can not wait to read it and even more to share it with the girls, who already love to read, but will be even more excited about it since it’s from you!!


    • I would love to send you an autographed copy next Christmas!!!! Send your address 🙂 I really so appreciate your excitement for me. I am so glad you can share this with me! And I can share it with you and your girls!! I am hoping to be up that way when the book comes out so we can celebrate then as well and sign it in person instead!


  4. welcomesue says:

    Wow – congratulations in the first order! So excited for you and your book publication – no small thing in this day of ebooks! So happy for you. I love lists, too, and mostly love making a turkey and love the idea of waking up being first on my list! beside you on holley gerth today, and celebrating w/ you over in CA where it is a little too warm for November. Hmm…

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