Back to School

I had wanted to post sooner about my amazing visit with students at Midlands Arts Conservatory(MAC) last Friday (3/24)in Columbia SC. However, I’m still recovering from the trip. But even though I have extra pain and am very tired, I haven’t stopped smiling since!🥰

It was my very FIRST in person school visit since my spinal surgery and SCS malfunction tasing/electrocution incident one year ago. 

As much as I was looking forward to this visit, (and the Author Panel at SC Association School Librarians (SCASL)Conference the day before), I also had an increase in my anxiety attacks. I worried if my endurance would last,  how I could push through my new pain level since the tasing incident, and having to be in wheelchair at events for the first time(ok, I admit I’m alittle vain about this, hence the cute cherry blossom sneaks/purse). 😊🌸🌸

But any remnants of my anxiety were replaced with joy the moment we pulled up to our special parking spot, a “Welcome Mrs Burkinshaw” banner decorated with quotes from TLCB, and illustrations. And so sweet to be greeted by the student welcome committee.🌸🌸🌸

All that and we hadn’t even entered the building yet!

The students were beyond wonderful. Their questions and comments were so poignant and thoughtful. It truly warmed my heart to hear how much my mom’s story resonated with them. ❤️

Their compassion for TLCB and my story touched my heart and I’m sure my head barely fit through the door on the way out.🥰

Oh! I can’t forget the beautiful cherry blossom branches that just bloomed,made special cherry blossom cupcakes,and also had my favorite crispy rice treats 😍🌸

Angel, a very talented student, gave me this beautifully drawn, yet heart breaking illustration of the A-Dome. I’m touched that she would give that to me.

Elaine Frick of Columbia Peace Pole Initiative (CPPI) discussed the Persimmon Peace Pole that they will be doing and the sculptor, Olga Yukhno discussed the meaning behind her hand sculpted ceramic and intricate 3 dimensional mosaic she will be creating.  Also during this visit I had opportunity to see the original Peace Pole that CPPI partnerd with my friends at May Peace Prevail on Earth (which coincidentally was right outside the Hilton hotel where we were staying for the SCASL Conference.)

And then…. there was the reporter from WLTX News 19 Columbia SC. Thank goodness I had no idea about this before or else I’d really have been nervous. Also so glad he interviewed me before I bit into the delicious cupcake and had chocolate and pink frosting all over my teeth😁 Link to WLTX 57 second story.

Thank you to the Columbia Peace Pole Initiative members that kindly sponsored me,purchased books for the students, and took Matt and I to lunch. Thank you to the wonderful teacher at MAC, Ms. Drotor, who organized the visit,the MAC teachers and administrators. (Yes, those are extra crispy rice treats in my hand -for the ride home)😍

A special thank you to Cassandra Fralix on left in picture above who has supported/encouraged me and promoted TLCB to schools for the past 2 years since we ‘met’ at a webinar. 

And a very special thank you to my husband Matt. It wouldn’t be possible for me to do my author panel at SCASL and this school visit without prayers and without you.🙏 You are definitely more than just “my roadie”💞🌸💞

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