A Writing Mentor, Friend, and A Master Class

At my first SCBWI Carolinas conference held in Charlotte about 9 years ago I had attended a workshop taught by a North Carolina historical fiction author because I had discovered her book shortly before the session. I had been working on my first rough draft for The Last Cherry Blossom, reading as much MG historical fiction that I could find, and I came across the MG historical fiction, BLUE by NC award winning author Joyce Moyer Hostetter. I LOVED this book.

I attended her session, learned so much, and was encouraged that I just might be able to write my story (well, okay, it would take 6 more years and a gazillion rough drafts…). Joyce kindly read a few pages (I cringe now thinking of how awful they were) pointed out some of the bright spots as well as giving me such helpful constructive criticism. I still have that in one of my TLCB memory boxes.

Some years passed and imagine my excitement when I’m invited to have TLCB debut with Joyce, and these 3 award winning authors – Kerry O’Malley Cerra, Shannon Hitchcock, and Shannon Wiersbitzki as they rolled out #MGGetsReal

So, for the writers out there, I am happy to share some information from Write2Ignite about their virtual sessions with an opportunity to attend a master class taught by this talented award-winning author who I’m lucky to now call a friend!

Write2Ignite sent the following description:

The first Write2Ignite Master Class for Christian Writers of Children’s and Young Adult Literature will be held Saturday, September 19, 2020 is virtual and will feature award-winning author Joyce Moyer Hostetter. The cost is just $79 USD.

You may be thinking …

Master classes? I’m not a master. I’m not ready for a master class!

Oh, yes, you are!

W2I Master Classes are focused, in-person classes taught by master authors and teachers designed to help writers who want to become masters at writing for children and young adults.

We’ve included plenty of hands-on time for practicing your new and improved skills, complete with immediate feedback.

Our focus for W2I Master Classes is honing your writing skills.

No marketing. No social media. No agents or editors. And only $79 for the full day.

At Write2Ignite, we strive to create a constructive schedule of events that will help you increase your knowledge of writing Christian literature for children and young adults. Each of our events is created with you, the writer, in mind. We hope you’ll join us for this year’s Master Class from the comfort of your home on Zoom.

Here is a Youtube video which Joyce created for a preview of what class will be like.

Click here to Register by September 14. Find the schedule here.

Happy writing!

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